2010 was a time of personal trouble for most, and now 2011 is a time of trouble for all, I’ve noticed.The floods and cyclones in Queensland, the fires and droughts throughout Australia, the earthquakes in New Zealand and Tokyo and the fallout thereof. The unrest in Africa and the Middle East. The troubling laws in America, the murdering and denial of simple rights. Even in tabloid news, movie stars are torn apart, or are falling apart. Charlie Sheen and his children, his cocaine addiction and his two girlfriends. (Although, honestly, I don’t see why his polyamorous relationship is news-worthy anyway. It’s nobodies business.)  Mel Gibson and his outbursts. The drama concerning Tom Cruise and his family.

It seems to me that everyone is suffering, somehow, in some big way. Everyone knows or is the person flailing in the news, trying to keep their heads above the literal or metaphorical water.
Whenever I open a browser, the news headlines remind me every day of how lucky I am. I am not drowning, I am not scared for my life, I am fed and cared for with a roof over my head. I’ve become to dread opening the news each day for what I’ll find there, what things will make me angry or what things will make me sad. I do it anyway, because the people there deserve recognition for their suffering. I also do it because I made a promise to myself that I would experience whatever I could in my life- emotions like helpless sadness or impotent rage, while incredibly unpleasant, are things I promised myself I would feel, even if I don’t like it. Those people I feel for are feeling far worse than I, anyway.

I do have to say though, watching the way the news treats this suffering sickens me to my stomach. They way people eat this information up for gossip or just to feel important for a day. Donating the $2 in their wallet instead of their spare $50 so they can feel like they’ve done something.

Pot calling the kettle black, I know. That last comment was hypocritical. I don’t have the money to donate, so I don’t. I wish I could, but even then, I have to hold on to what I’ve got in case I need it later. It just annoys me when I see people who clearly have the money to spare only donating so they could say they could. It’s a kick in the face to the people who truly want to help but can’t, and those who desperately need the help in the first place. You shouldn’t walk away from a charity box feeling proud of yourself. You should walk away and wish you could have done more.

Anyway, sorry for my rant. I got a little carried away. I just wanted to comment on how 2011 so far has been a time of major disasters, of big issues and death tolls. It’s sad and chaotic, and I wish peace upon those lost, and the best of luck for those who had to stay behind to pick up the pieces.


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