Croon for me, baby.



I enjoy music that inspires me. A lot of Adele’s music doesn’t quite hit that chord, generally being of the sort that I have to be in the right mood to listen to, but this particular song is pure gold. She has quite a skill, with that gorgeously smooth voice and penchant for good lyrics, and I am yet to grow tired of this song. It makes me think of the slow-burning fire within the souls of the women I find most beautiful.

Today I am ill, so I deal with the guilt and feelings of doom caused by skipping a class and staying home to recover. I’ve spent the time listening to music, catching up on lost study time, and writing. What I’ve written is a bit long to put into a blog post, but once it’s refined I may post a few more tidbits for your reading (and hopefully, critiquing) pleasure. It’s nice to see a boost in my blog visits. Keep ’em coming, folks.


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