About This Blog

Here I will post odd little thoughts and pieces of the stories I am writing.

About Me

I am Me, really.  I’m an artist, a writer, a witch, a student and a little bit of a whore. I can be unpredictable, but you can usually predict when that will happen. I am curious and love to meddle, but I’ll pout if you catch me nosing around your private life. I have an exciting variety of mental illnesses that make life colourful and full of last minute chances to practice adaptability.
In Life:
I live in Western Australia, on the borders of Perth, the worlds most isolated city. I don’t much like the people here but I love my country, its magnificent orange land and beautiful azure rivers. This is home.

Dass Me!

I love cats. So much that if I weren’t a poor unemployed student, I would be breeding them, well on my way to becoming the Worlds’ Craziest Cat Lady. 
I live my life with a constant hunger.
The hunger drives me, impossible to satiate. I feed it with learning, or discussion, or spirituality.
I’m violent, quick-to-anger, opinionated, arrogant and misanthropic.
I’m over-emotional, over-reactive, and over-attentive, even to the point where I’ll overlook the simple things in favour of the complex things.
I fall into rages, I love to argue, and if you want respect from me you must first show me why you deserve it.
Once you have, however, I’ll be your best friend.
I’m loyal, loving, affectionate and playful. I like to listen, I like to help, and I absolutely adore being cuddled. I’m honest, sometimes to a fault- I get myself in trouble with telling people too much.
I will not lie to you, no matter how you might react or what others might think of what I have to say.
Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want a truthful answer.I feel like I’m endlessly in flux. I wish, sometimes, that I could stay still long enough to understand who I am, or what goes on in my head, but the best I can do is hold on and hope for the best. My spirituality is desperately important to me- it’s right up there with family, and continuing to breathe- but I haven’t the slightest idea what forest path I’m running along. It scares me sometimes, because it’s clear that I’m sprinting with my head down, and at any moment I could collide with the wall that will knock me out cold.

I love completely and without abandon.

The best things in life are good friends,

better family,

and as always,

magnificent food.


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