Anonymous asked:  “Describe to me a walkthrough of your dream house.”

The house is on acres of untouched land, by a river, on Australian soil. Good red earth, y’know?
It’s wooden on the outside, with healthy gum trees, a wild garden. Earth tones inside, and full of light, and there’s smooth airflow from one end to the other. There are two levels, wood and tile floors downstairs and carpets upstairs, where the bedrooms are. The kitchen is big and connected to the dining room. There’s a wall of windows that look out into the bush, and a small window at the back of the kitchen that enables food to passed from the kitchen to the veranda for eating outside. The walls alternate between gritty and rough to smooth and clean.

Upstairs are bedrooms, as many as are needed, and another bathroom like the one downstairs- sandy coloured, all golds and blues- with an open glass shower. A big shower, almost a wet room.
There’s a writing studio and library, wooden and quiet and filled with dusty light and beanbags and a writing desk.
There are guest rooms for company, which are white and clean and neat.

There’s a loft room, and that’s mine. It’s dusty wooden, raw-ish wood instead of the gloss downstairs. There’s a lock on the door and a massive circular window toward which the foot of my bed points. I have an easel there, and my own messy writing desk. Written on every surface are words or scribbled images, flecks of paint. There’s oils and medium and the smell of canvas, and painting cloths strewn everywhere. It’s a mess.

Everything in the house is randomly colourful. Red kettle and multicoloured coffee mugs- the big thick kind- and art everywhere.

Outside there is a garden path from the kitchen to where good edible food grows. There’s also a place for chickens and goats, and a little farther down, a big shed with a kiln and all my sculpting material.
From there, it’s only a short walk to the riverbank.


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