Public Service Announcement


Yesterday, in class, we had a discussion about the concept of “Making a living from being an Author.”

Here are my thoughts on the subject:

I know that only two books published ever year are deemed Financially Viableas income for their authors. I know that most authors barely make pocket money from their books. I am acutely aware that being an author is not a lucrative career.

Whenever I hear yet another person in my writing classes say “I know my book won’t earn me money, so I just write for myself and whatever happens, happens.” I always end up thinking, “Okay, thanks, you’re one less person in competition.”

I write for myself, that’s true. I write for my stories, that’s also true.
But you’re goddamn right I’m writing for the money. I’m not writing some little unknown novella, my books will NOT be lost on a bookshelf in a dusty back-alley book store. I’m writing a goddamn best seller, and I refuse to say “Oh, because the odds are against me, I will accept mediocrity.”

No. That is NOT going to happen.

I will not accept “One of the millions” as my fate-

I will only accept “One in a million.”


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