Things, sometimes.


The ring on the left is my dad’s old wedding ring. The one on the left is my mother’s.

They’re both silver and the engagement ring is 100+ years old, with skilfully cut moonstone in the centre.

The moonstone is transparent most of the time until it catches the light,

and then it erupts into ephemeral blues and silvers,

like the reflection of the moon in a lake.

It’s one of my most treasured possessions.

Possibly my favourite.

Today my mother wrote this, in reference to my confusion over a writing course:

Chanel, from the moment you realised those symbols called the alphabet contained meaning you tried to write them on anything. When you found those symbols with meaning created a book, you rarely had your head looking elsewhere. When you found the meanings in books could be created in a digital medium, you took it to a whole different level. I reckon you could answer your own question.

♥ XX


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