…. I want to make a difference.

I have been single for a month now.
I didn’t post about it because it hurt too much. It’s managable now. The pain isn’t so bad.

What is hurting, I find, is suddenly discovering all over again what homophobia is. What inequality is.

I want to marry a girl. The right girl, when I find her.

In Australia, I won’t be able to do that, unless things change.

I don’t want girls calling me and telling me how they suffer because they’re gay.

I don’t want boys getting the shit beaten out of them because they looked at a boy the way they look at girls.

I don’t want the news to label a family as abusive because they accept their child for who She is.

This world, the way it is, disgusts me. There is so much hate, and not enough love.

Worse than that, there are restraints in love. Laws, rules, boxes and labels.

There is no way you can put a price or a tag on something as beautifully divine as love.

Please, if you feel the same way I do, regardless of your sexuality or gender, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
Blog, take photos, make art, protest, donate. Raise your voice, be loud, be proud, be amazing.
Be in love. Celebrate other people being in love.
Help those who need it, and help yourself.

Teach Tolerance.

Learn Acceptance.





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  1. Hey Nelly!

    I just read this post (obviously. Just saw the notif on facebook.) I had no idea it was this tough for you… I’m glad and proud of you for having written this. For having blogged.
    I haven’t lived the same things you have but I know how horrible it feels to have our real selves denied by other people who don’t understand, and who keep trying to mould us to live in their picture-perfect world.
    I hope as from now on you’re surrounded by supportive and loving friends in fighting for this cause… I like the fact that I got to hear this part of your story. I love learning things about interesting people =)
    God bless!


    • It’s tougher for others who have had much, much worse things happen to them. I only have to deal with the lack of legal recognition. Other have had their families and lives ripped from them…. It’s horrific.

      Thanks for the comment my dear. ❤

  2. Nel,

    They fear what they don’t understand. They fear in others what they feel is possible in themselves. More is necessary than tolerance, what is necessary is understanding and compassion. The wheel is turning and we can have hope that change is coming, the Goddess always seems to level the playing field when all else fails.

    Love ya girl,


  3. i was reading this and im proud that u didnt pussy out and top yourself… you’ve done a good job for standing up for your rights and i agree…. marrage same sex or not should be okay all ways but since we live in a mans christian world lesbians will be allowed to marry before gay men and even then its going to take alot of people even straight people to fight and protest as much as possable to show the rights of every australian. fight for our rights as australians and homosexuals and allow gay marraiges!!! or we can simply bend the government over and fuck em through the back door with guns and violence…. seems to be the only thing they big people no

  4. You’re a beautiful little bird, Nellykins. Not just in having survived things you never should have to deal with, but in your indescribable capacity for empathy for others.

    Is it awesome to be you? It seems like it would be. 😉

    Much loves,

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