The sad thing about this ‘Occupy Wallstreet’ thing is that I can see it going nowhere. I think it is eventually going to lose steam and just disappear, without having changed the world and leaving those involved depressed and disillusioned. I hope I’m wrong.

The thing is, people need to not only raise awareness, but do something about it. Just raising awareness /is/ going to make it go nowhere. With the numbers they had, I’m sure they could do something.

But what? Most major revolutions work through violence. I know not all of them, but most of them. The last thing anyone wants to happen is for a big physical war between the people and their government, especially in America. That’s a big fan for the shit to hit. Peaceful protest is getting them nowhere.
Hell, I’d say do a hunger strike, but judging by the homeless, that wouldn’t change anything either.
It worries me. It seems that for anything to change, things will turn ugly. It’s either turn ugly or become stagnant. Both are horrible thoughts.

In America, I honestly don’t think things could get any worse than they already are.

Any time anyone says that, you immediately know that things are about to get worse.
Well done, you just jinxed an entire country.


Occupy Wall Street


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