Too Many Deaths



My grandmother died yesterday morning.
I found out just before dinner. My phone has been disconnected, so Dad couldn’t contact me until I got home and could use Jai’s phone.
I don’t really feel much. There were the initial few hours of crying and shock, some sadness, but right now I’m pretty numb. I didn’t see her all that often so it isn’t real to me yet. My mind is convinced that she’s still alive because this is just another day of not seeing her, not calling her, not finishing her painting or wondering how her fat and smelly little dog is today. I imagine it will hit me at the funeral. I am prone to teariness at family events.
I knew it was going to happen soon. I’ve been… waiting, I suppose, since christmas.

The only thing I feel bad about is that she never got her Trickster King painting. Procrastination until it’s too late is a bitch.
Actually, so is everyone dying all at the same time. That’s a bitch too.



Alannah Jackson
(15/5/1938 – 9/8/2011)
Rest in Peace
I’ll miss you.


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