I have noticed how the fads through history tell about what the people at that point in time are concerned about, however silly or strange. Watching the movies these days shows me what it is at this point of time, in this culture: Heroes.
X-Men. Captain America. Sucker Punch. The Watchmen. Spiderman, Superman, Batman. Wonderwoman. The list is long and, since I’m not much of a comic fan, probably full of names that I don’t even know about. It’s a little obvious to see what is craved, needed, what is missing in this world of ours. People these days are far more stressed than they used to be, even in times of financial distress, depressions, wars, their life was hard but they weren’t as troubled as the pampered plebs of today.

This world needs a hero. Human beings are generally lazy creatures. They can’t stand up and be heroes themselves, so they wait and daydream of the superhero who will save them from the latest disaster.

Sometimes, it’s nice to see one, or in this case two, rise up and be wonderful.


Read it.


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