Tidbit: Liessa and Sierra


“Tell me about the places you’ve been to.” Liessa nuzzled into Sierra’s hair and breathed in its subtle perfume, something soft and woody, infused with warmth from the afternoon sun. The light lit each strand in fiery glory, making the beautiful cherry colour glow against her lovers’ skin.
“Which places do you mean? I’ve travelled far, Liessa.” Sierra sighed, tracing circles on Liessa’s shoulder with gentle fingers.
“I mean the places behind the water. Where have you been?” The bed creaked as Liessa propped herself up on one elbow, her hand fluttering around her eyes to shade them from the bright sun as she peered down at Sierra, languid and feline on the rumpled linen. Sierra’s eyes remained closed against the brightness, but she smiled, offering Liessa’s shoulder a gentle squeeze.
“Well then. That’s quite a lot of places. It depends on where I am and if I concentrate hard enough. I’ve been sent back through time once or twice, that was interesting. Exhausting. Hard to remember.” A frown wrinkled her brow and she tossed her head, as if clearing the cobwebs from the memory. “It’s like old knowledge, a story I knew when I was younger and forgetful. They weren’t too different to us, the people back then. They had less respect for the land. I think that might be what destroyed them in the end. Their gods were strange, shining stone and metal, instead of flesh and bone.”


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