Obligatory First Post




“Everyday events cannot be comprehensively captured and set down on paper;

but what we can do is get sideways glimpses of them,

partial and limited perspectives of their overall complexity and abundance.”

– David Inglis

It seems fitting that my first post is at the end of my first week of uni. The first week of my second semester of visual arts, and the first week of the first semester of game design & culture.

I’m not entirely sure yet what I will post in this blog. I may abandon it altogether, considering how frustrating WordPress has been for me for the past three days. I’m hoping that extended use redeems it and its incompatibility with most browsers. I do like the various gadgets and gizmos designed to make this post all the more… professional. As if anything I do is in any way professional. I may even use it  to pick up the little issues in my novel.

Like every first post in any of my journals, this one is likely to be short and awkward, the first virginal fling before the extended love affair. I haven’t yet grown accustomed to the new layout, the strange-and-unexpected layout, the fumbling discovery of hidden buttons and sloppy functions. My posts may get better with time and practice, or they may grow distant and cold, becoming an unpleasant rarity in the WordPress marriage bed.

Welcome to my blog, stranger. I shall do my very best to please, tease and appease you… With words, of course, with rambling thoughts and mundane activities.

Pleased to meet you.
This is me.


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